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Album Launch Show




May 17, 2022

The album was written and produced by Ben Azar, featuring eight original compositions. Ben started to gather his music around 2018, and decided to take it to the next step and produce it with all his heart and soul. Resulting in a cutting edge album which not only features Ben and the band's virtuosic playing, but a very rich and thoughtful production, and a lyrical songwriting that gives each piece a memorable hook.

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A new video featuring the legendary ex-Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman

The connection of Steroid Puppets with Marty Friedman started with his European tour in 2012 where Ben Azar (guitar) and Or Lubianiker (bass) were his rhythm section and played for around 20 shows in 8 different countries. Marty, along with ex Orphaned Land guitarist Yossi Sassi (with whom Ben and Or are playing for more than 10 years) were the ones who triggered the band to start working together. 


Since the tour Ben and Marty have been friends. In 2014 Or flew to Japan to launch Marty’s album “Inferno” and have been recording from him on a regular basis, you can hear him on the song “The Perfect World” and many more.


When Ben started working on Earthguest, the title track on Steroid Puppets’s new album, he imagined Marty soloing over it, thinking his unique voice would be the perfect addition for the track. So he sent it to him, asking if he would be up for it, and Marty really dug it. He was happy to track the magnificent epic closure solo, and was willing to be shot for the even more epic video clip! 


Another funny anekdot with Steroid Puppets regarding Megadeth guitar players is that Nir Nakav (the band's drummer) played with Chris Poland, Megadeth’s guitar player before Marty.

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